Drinking Water systems and water filters in El Paso by AM Water


AM Water's Drinking Water System Selection:

Products provided by AM Water El Paso Reverse Osmosis Systems - AM Water provides several reverse osmosis system types and configurations.

 Three types available:

>  Four Stage -
Standard for general purpose home use.
>  Five Stage
- Best for areas with problem water.
>  Four Stage Mini
- Best for RV's, small enclosures requiring space savings.

Prices range from $400 - $750 depending on your application.
Alkaline Filter Add-on from AMWater El Paso  Alkaline Filter Add-on - AM Water can install an Alkaline Filter to your exisiting reverse osmosis system to increase alkalinity in your filtered water.

Two type available:

> Drop-in - Fit in existing filter canisters.

> In-Line - Separate extrernal unit.

Prices - $80, installed.
UV water sanitizer installed by AMWater El Paso  UV Water Sterilizer - AM Water can add an Ultra-Violet light water sterilizer to your exisiting reverse osmosis system to maximize purity in your filtered water.

One unit available:

> Universal In-line - Fits most existing reverse osmosis installations.

Price - $149, installed.

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