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AM Water can Solve Problem Water Issues with:

Ironmaster system installed by AMWater El Paso  Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Removal - Greatly reduces orange iron-based staining and removes "rotten egg" smell, common in well water.

 One unit generally available:

>  10" x 54", 12 gal./min system -
Standard for general purpose home use.

Price - $1800 installed.
Whole House UV filter installed by AMWater El Paso  Whole House UV Water Sterilizer - AM Water can install a high-capacity Ultra-violet water sterlizer in-line with existing water treatment equipment, to sanitize water for the entire home.

One unit generally available:

> Two Stage System - Includes a sediment filter to remove physical debris prior to sterilaztion via an internal UV bulb.

Prices - $800, installed.
UV water sanitizer installed by AMWater El Paso

Whole House Sediment Removal. - AM Water can install a high-capacity sediment removal filter to remove various types of pyhsical debris from your home's water (e.g., silt, sand, rust).

Sold by partical filtration size:

- Fits most existing reverse osmosis installations.

Price - $149, installed.

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