Rainsoft and other brand Services in El Paso by AM Water

AM Water offers these Factory Authorized RainSoft® Services:

Free existing system evaluation - AM Water will come to your home or business and perform a free multi-point inspection and evaluation of your current RainSoft® water filtration or conditioning system to determine:

>  Model number, serial Number and date of manufacture to assess warranty status
>  Overall condition of Rainsoft® unit and need for maintenance or repair
>  Status of filter cartridges and consumable material (such as salt), assess need for replacement/replenishment
>  Availability of factory upgrades for your Rainsoft® unit.

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Scheduled maintenance & filter replacement- AM Water provides annual and semi-annual scheduled maintenance, filter cartridge replacement and replenishment of consumable materials.  Free reminders sent to all customers after first maintenance call.

Call now to schedule regular maintenance on your system or replenish consumables

Existing system factory upgrades - AM Water can upgrade your existing RainSoft® system with advanced, factory-direct versions of key system components, that will give your current system all the features of RainSoft's® latest  models.

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